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Cloud is a new filling made of an innovative mixture of polyester microfibers with advanced thermal properties. Its main characteristics are waterproofness, breathability, comfort and a feather-like soft touch.

LAB TEST - Filling power

Filling power mm 107 UNI EN 12130
Pressure 14,8 Pa
Massic volume in 3/oz 654

* tests performed on synthetic filling and not natural

Filling power:
Height of the volume occupied by the material for padding subjected to a given pressure, expressed in millimeters.

Massic volume:
volume occupied by a given mass of material for padding when it is subjected to a given pressure, it is expressed in cubic centimeters per gram.

In reference to the natural fillings, is used to the chart below.

The standards are independent of the mass of the volume percentage of feathers and down used and animal origin.

cm 3/g in 3/oz Judgment
<230 <400 Low
230-260 400-450 Medium
290-320 500-550 Good
320-430 550-750 Very good
>430 >750 Excellent

from in³/oz to cm3/g: multiply by 0,578
from cm3/g to in³/oz: multiply by 1,73