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Technical 5-layers filling, in which the fibres are directly joined in the carding process and not by subsequent sewing or gluing.

The external layers, which are made of a techno-fibre containing pure Silver zeolites and are in contact with the body, transmit their healthy and beneficial properties provided by the Silver fibre and disperse dampness created when one is sleeping.

The intermediate layers guarantee natural freshness with Pure Cotton or Pure Linen on one side and softness and warmth with Cashmere Wool on the other.

The internal layer is made up of a fibre with many holes that cover it on its entire length. Moreover, the external part is silicone-treated. It is a waterproof fibre but it allows steam to pass through, making the product breathable and light. The holes inside it make the product extremely resilient and elastic. Air, incorporated from the holes to the inside, gives the filling resilience capacity, with an excellent distribution of the resting body’s pressure.

This fibre is also treated with Aloe Vera extracts. Aloe Vera has been known since ancient times for its softening, lenitive and curative properties; it is added with an innovative system, a special softener that contains a “cocktail of active principles” extracted from the Aloe Vera plant. Pleasant to the touch, soft and silky.