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Solotex® is an innovative and cutting edge product, an elastic interposed/padding with peculiarity of shape memory that revolutionizes comfort, cosiness, the microclimate, the lifting capacity of the mattress, pillow, seats or cushion for sofa-bed or couch.
A revolutionary material with excellent indeformability and anatomy, volume, elasticity, ventilation, flexible and soft.
Solotex® is a special blend of fibers of the last generation, on which there are over 200 international patents, plus a special binding fiber: these unique features create a product with extraordinary performances, exceptional durability, flexibility, lightness and great breathability.
Solotex® therefore offers a great deal of advantages in terms of comfort and durability if used in chairs, mattresses and pillows to replace polyurethane foam.
It can be recycled seeing that it is based on polyester fibers.
Thanks to its innovative and unique combination of features, Solotex® marks the new standards of performance that can revolutionize the world of synthetic fibres or polyurethane used in mattresses until now.
The creative possibilities permitted through the use of Solotex® extend further to a wide range of application.. The innovative blend of fibers can also be expanded and completed by creating hypoallergenic, anti-odour and thermoregulation characteristics.

The main characteristics of Solotex®, the perfect and innovative alternative to polyurethane:

Comfort: Solotex® extraordinary comfort, its long-lasting elasticity, greater morphological stability and the “zigzag” conformation of the structure of its main components give not only low-tension stretch, but also a very high coefficient of elastic recovery to the fiber.
Resilience and carrying capacity: thanks to the elastic-springy structure of the binding fibre, it has an exceptional resistance to pressure and it also maintains its original shape after being compressed without any deformation.
Memory: Sunique lightness compared to polyurethane foams, and greater volume compared to conventional products for padding.
Flame retardant: BS 5852: 2006 and Class 1 IM.
Breathable: given its macro-porous structure.
It does not yellow with age.
Hygienic: it can also be washed at high temperatures (90°C/100°C).
Healthy: free of gases that are harmful to health and the environment.
Ecocompatible: it can be recycled in various productive processes, with absolutely low or even no gas emissions compared to polyurethane foams.