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4-DG™ filling has excellent properties of freshness and thermal insulation thanks to the use of “4th Generation Deep Grooves” synthetic fibers.

Freshness. 4-DG™ technology quickly takes humidity away giving extra freshness to products incorporating Imbotex 4-DG™ nonwovens. Every single 4-DG™ fiber transports humidity with a clever “wicking” effect.

Thermal insulation. The deep grooves on 4-DG™ fibers create air pockets and that’s why 4-DG™ is the best thermal insulator on the market, according to a study commissioned by NASA.

The 4-DG trade-mark is licensed to Imbotex by Clemson University Research Foundation (USA).

  • It moves fluids spontaneously
  • It stores and traps substances
  • High thermal insulation
  • High acoustical insulation
  • More voluminous than circular section fibers