These two sectors operate in synergy with each other, thanks to an ongoing exchange of manufacturing technologies and know-how. The dynamic management of the business has made it possible to successfully combine innovative, high-tech production processes and materials with an increasingly close eye on nature and the environment.

The company maintains a strong grip on its roots, operating in an area characterized by a lengthy tradition of manufacturing excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, while remaining open to ongoing dialogue with other international businesses and markets, partners, customers and suppliers.

Female leadership has been one of the hallmarks of Imbotex throughout the company’s history, and this is evident in the constant efforts made to look beyond cultural and economic obstacles, keeping a steady eye on new developments and experiments at all times.

1955 - Millefiori: an ancestral idea of recycling from textile scraps

Recycling and sustainability have always been in Imbotex DNA; we used to collect the production waste from local textile companies, and recycle them to produce fillings for mattresses. Millefiori was a natural dark mélange wadding, made of all the different scraps mixed together.

1990 - The research of noble fibres

In 1990 Imbotex started to work with a blend of noble fibers such as camelhair, cashmere, yak, alpaca, silk, wool.

2015 - The Recycling Revolution

Recashmere is a padding made of post-consume recycled cashmere sweaters.The scraps of noble cashmere fibers and knit rags are selected and then passed through special carding machines to avoid the damaging the fiber and maintaining its special softness and quality.

2016 - Made from the existing

Nativa Silk Pad is an upcycled padding made from post-industrial waste from twisting of silk threads and the end of cones waste during silk’s fabrics production.

2019 - We close the loop

We founded Imbotex Lab. A new branch totally focused on Upcycling and Circular Economy to offer better recycled products, eco-friendly and that respect the environment.

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