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Organic Cotton is generally understood as bio-cotton and it is grown in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.

This type of cotton has a lower environmental impact than traditional cotton, since it is cultivated using methods that do not require genetic engineering and the use of toxic elements such as pesticides or fertilizers. The process adheres to standards in accordance with the GOTS (Global Organics Textile Standards) requirements.

Ingeo is the brandname for a range of polylactid (PLA) biopolymers owned by Natureworks LLC.

The real innovation of Ingeo™ fiber lies in the fact that all the synthetic fibers currently on the market are obtained through the industrial process of polymerization of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Otherwise, Ingeo™ fiber polymerizes vegetable substances: through a process of fermentation plant sugars are transformed into new products.