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Multilayer filling joined through a process of carding and thermo-bonded.

Reversible climate-controlled filling, designed to obtain a breathable product, which allows not only high comfort and freshness/warmth performances, but also the control and management of the mattress’ microclimate.

Exclusive and revolutionary wadding system that joins wellness deriving from natural fibres with the comfort offered by technological fibres. Each layer plays an important role.

The external layers, which are made of wool and cotton or different natural fibres and are in contact with the body, have the main function of collecting moisture released from the body during sleep and transferring it to the internal layer. In this way the external layers maintain the right balance, without transmitting any sensation of dampness.

Otherwise, the internal layer is made of the latest technical fibres: a holed and silicon-treated polyester fibre, with particular characteristics such as volume, resilience and carrying capacity, is joined to a cellulose fibre, which is called Lyocell. This fibre comes from the processing of wood pulp, and since it is absorbent it imbibes the dampness transmitted from the upper layer and transports it to the outside.