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Nature’s high-performance fibre
Wool fibre is naturally technical; it moves moisture away from the body, adapts to warm or cool according to the conditions, protects from the sun and resists the build-up of odour. Ozone Wool™ is the world’s first Ozone-treated , Shrink-resistant and Environmentally Friendly wool. It’s no-mulesing and responds to the GOTS standards. Shrink-resistant processes have generally been done to remove the scales and to coat the surface of wool fibers with resin (BAP treatment). However, these methods impair the scales of wool fibers and spoil the wool’s soft handle and inherent properties of wool. ECO-WASH process modifies only the tips of the scales with Ozone (O3) without causing serious damage to wool fibers and and shrink resistance and excellent washability are kept unimpaired. ECO-WASH is such an innovative treatment and the world’s very first environmentally friendly and shrink-resistant process.

  • BAP treated WOOL (BAP Bisulfite Adduct Polyurethan-Polymer)

  • AQA-WOOL O3 retains its original water repellency

  • Animal friendly
    No mulesing

  • Moisture

  • Breathable

  • Washable
    up to 40°C

  • Warm

  • Chlorine-free
    washability treatment
    Environmentally friendly