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Warm and breathable wool
Tyrolean mountain sheep spend their summer grazing at about 2.000 meters above sea level, between Kitzbühel Alps, Oetztal Alps and Zillertal Alps, eating only the best fodder.
The healthy air, the plentiful food and the fresh water of Tyrolean mountains foster the good health of the animals, which is needed in the challenge to survive in an habitat sometimes very hostile. When the grazing season ends, the sheep are hosted in the stables, created for them following established standards. The shearing of the animals takes place twice a year, at an interval of six months; the first during the winter season when the sheep are in the stables, and the second towards the end of the summer, in the pastures.
The good treatment of the animals allows the development of an high quality wool characterized by a fleece with long and lightly wavy fibers, which is both strong and soft at the same time.
Through the special Oxy-wash treatment the scales of the wool are eliminated without damaging the structure of the fibers. Thanks to this eco-friendly process the fiber of the fine Tyrolean mountain sheep’s wool becomes soft, odourless, hygroscopic and breathable. Moreover, the characteristics of the wool remain unchanged even after several washings in the washing machine.

  • Animal friendly
    No mulesing

  • Moisture

  • Breathable

  • Washable
    up to 40°C

  • Warm

  • Chlorine-free
    washability treatment
    Environmentally friendly