Founded in 1955, Imbotex srl is a leading manufacturer of natural and technological textile padding . Flexibility and innovation are the hallmarks of our products, making them the ideal partners in a variety of sectors, ranging from furniture to high fashion and professional sport.

The company is organised into two divisions: padding for Bedding and Furnishings and wadding/high-performance materials for Fashion and Sportswear. These two sectors operate in synergy with each other, thanks to an on-going exchange of manufacturing technologies and know-how. The dynamic management of the business has made it possible to successfully combine innovative, high-tech production processes and materials with an increasingly close eye on nature and the environment .

The company maintains a strong grip on its roots , operating in an area characterised by a lengthy tradition of manufacturing excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, while remaining open to on-going dialogue with other international businesses and markets, partners, customers and suppliers. Female leadership has been one of the hallmarks of Imbotex throughout the company’s history, and this is evident in the constant efforts made to look beyond cultural and economic obstacles, keeping a steady eye on new developments and experiments at all times.

The search for latest-generation high-tech fibres has given rise to the exclusive Celliant, Solotex and Cloud (a latest-generation down-alternative microfibre). These are blends created using patented production processes that offer leading-edge characteristics in terms of wearability and water repellency. The products offer an excellent alternative to down, and are washable thanks to the exclusive chlorine-free process they undergo, which is kind to both animals and the environment.

In recent years, the Imbotex corporate strategy has focused on the production of 100% Italian-made textiles for body wellness, able to enhance the potential of natural materials.