Heat-Generating Insulation:

Exclusive and patented sandwich construction, thermobonded double-layer with multiple functionalities and performances.
The inner layer, composed by polyacrilate and by high moisture transfer polyester is used next-to-skin, the outer layer is composed by very fine polypropylene fibers with excellent hydrophobic properties, and must be used towards the outside part.
Twins delivers a unique and creative performance of repeated moisture absorption/release over a long period of time according to atmospheric conditions.


The INNER PART absorbs what is called “insensible perspiration”, which is constantly emanating from the human body (in the form of steam), keeping the air inside garments dry. At the same time, the kinetic energy of the absorbed steam is converted into heat energy and warm temperatures inside garments are maintained comfortably warm also in cold winter environments.

Heat Generating Fibres
T+M Regulation fiber regulates heat and moisture generated by human skin.
Ideal T+M Regulation fiber creates a pleasant micro climate continuously repetition in between body and your daily wear.
• Returns the lost body temperature / heat  energy back to body.
• Absorbs & release the unpleasant moisture.

OUTER TWIN Powered by Celliant

It’s an innovative blend composed by very fine polypropylenefibres and a special cross-section fibre .
Compared to other fibers, the fine propylene used in the outer parthas a low heat transfer coefficient which reduces the loss of heat produced by the body in a cold environment. Having a specific weight that is lower than other textile fibers, polypropylene is very light; its high value of permeability ensures also the rapid transfer of humidity through the insulation and thus the maximum transpiration keeping the body dry.

Active Functional Fibres
The cross-section fiber, which is blended with polypropylene, allows a very good transport perspiration away from the body to the surface where it can swiftly evaporate.

  • Quick dry

  • Moisture

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Thermal