Merino wool from Bavaria

The Merinolandschaf sheep (Merino Landrace) originates in the area of ​​Württemberg, southern and central Germany. In the 19th century, local sheep breeds were crossed with Merino sheep from Spain and southern France.
This white merino wool is between 26 and 28 microns.

Merino wool has long been considered one of the finest and softest wools. 

The characteristics of this wool are:

  • Body temperature regulation
  •  Breathability to transport moisture from the body
  • Antibacterial properties due to its internal structure that prevents bacteria from nesting


We apply an innovative treatment that uses natural salts, which, in concomitance with appropriate activating agents in very precise conditions, develop oxygen as an oxidant agent of wool fiber, without causing damage and allowing restricting results equivalent to the use of chlorine.
This new treatment avoids the risk of formation of organic chlorinated agents (aox) and therefore no chlorine compound is detected both on the treated top and in the wastewater, obtaining a totally ecological process.


Moisture Management
Chlorine-free washability treatment Environment Friendly
Animal friendly No mulesing
Washable up to 40°C

Certification & Prizes