Lyocell, the 100% natural and organic alternative to conventional materials

Lyocell is a completely natural product of organic origin, as the raw material with which it is made is wood, mainly eucalyptus one. The eucalyptus is an evergreen plant and the one used for the production of Lyocell comes from forest plantations that practice environmental sustainability, thus offering an eco-friendly product.

Lyocell is an exceptionally versatile fiber and its properties are many and are naturally present in it.

  • Moisture management: Lyocell fiber absorbs moisture in a natural way, letting it fastly evaporate, ensuring a pleasantly dry microclimate.
  • Naturally hygienic: the perfect moisture management doesn’t allow neither the formation nor the growth of bacteria inside de fibers.
  • Fine and soft to the touch: Lyocell offers a silky feel on the skin thanks to the smooth surface of its fibers.
  • Free from static electricity: the amount of electrostatic charge of a particular object depends on the moisture content of the material used to make it and on its electrical conductivity. The low moisture content in Lyocell products prevents the formation of static charges and prevents the annoying shocks that commonly occur in the dry winter environments.

Lyocell is the 100% natural and organic alternative to conventional materials.


Thermal Regulation
Moisture Management
Washable up to 40°C

Certification & Prizes