ReMOCA Pad, the new upcycled insulation developed with LaMunt

A recycled padding obtained from alpine ski leathers by POMOCA, an Oberalp Group brand


Giving life back to what is normally considered production waste is our specialty.

When LaMunt, a South Tyrolean brand produced by women for women, posed us the challenge of creating a padding by recycling the scraps of ski mountaineering skins from the POMOCA brand, we welcomed it with enthusiasm.


By combining these scraps with recycled polyester fibers from post-consumer PET plastic bottles we created ReMOCA Pad®, LaMunt's exclusive synthetic insulation padding.
The result of this upcycling process is a light, insulating material with exceptional technical performance, high thermal capacity (2.92 CLO at 130g/m2), greater durability, and extraordinary softness.

ReMOCA Pad® was born from a completely circular production system, made entirely in Italy using the waste produced internally by one of the companies belonging to the group which LaMunt is also part of, the Oberalp Group.

Let's see the production process together.



How is ReMOCA Pad® produced?

  1. Recovery
    The waste from the production of POMOCA ski mountaineering skins is collected to be transformed and given a new life.
  2. Processing
    Thanks to a mechanical process - i.e. without the use of chemicals - fibers are removed, opened, and recovered.
  3. Mixing
    To create the final padding, fibers are blended with recycled polyester made from post-consumer PET plastic bottles. This adds strength and softness.
  4. Products
    ReMOCA Pad® is ready to be used to pad LaMunt products.



ReMOCA Pad® is not our only upcycled product that LaMunt uses. In fact, the brand's jackets are also padded with recycled cashmere, an exclusive insulating recycled material produced with a process minimizing energy use, waste production, and water consumption.