The Antarctic Suit, a project in collaboration with D-Air LAb

An intelligent suit with high-performance padding

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In 2020 we started an important collaboration with D-Air Lab, a new design company co-founded by Lino Dainese. The Antarctica project was created to give scientists and researchers working in extreme climatic conditions an innovative piece of equipment, capable of effectively protecting them from environmental conditions without restricting mobility and hampering movements.

The technical innovations contained within the Antarctica suit will enable researchers to carry out their tasks in Antarctica, the coldest place on earth, where minimum temperatures can drop to -89° C with winds of up to 327km/h.

The outer layer of the Antarctic Suit

The outer suit is made by layering three different materials, each of these has a specific function to provide maximum thermal insulation.

  • Nativa SilkPad, padding from recycled silk

  • Twins Graphene, padding with an inner layer composed by very fine recycled polyester fibers and a outer layer with contains a special fiber with a high concentration of conducting and heat-generating carbon particle in the core

  • Cameluxe, padding from recycled camelhair

The layers closest to the body retain the heat and move moisture to the outside, while the outer layers keep the cold and wind at bay.

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