Nouvelle, the new frontier in mindful fashion and sportswear

a project in collaboration with Kering Group

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KERING and IMBOTEX have been working together on a sustainability project since the beginning of last year.

The two companies intend to integrate their respective expertise and know-how with the aim of designing new products based on the latest Circular Economy Concept.

The result of this collaboration is a process for upcycling the deadstock/leftover printed silk fabricsThe silk scraps are recovered as end of waste and blended with GMO’s Free PLA fibers for the manufacturing of a sustainable padding.



Nouvelle padding is created in four steps:

  • We collect as "end of waste" silk fabrics scraps from leftover printed silk fabrics

  • The scraps are garnetted mechanically and transformed into very fine fibres

  • We make a decolour (or colour) process with GOTS approved substances

  • Finally the fiber are blended with PLA (Polylactide fibre).

This upcycled insulation allows the creation of very light paddings that have unique thermal insulating properties.nouvelle_prova_Tavola disegno 1.jpg