Introducing PUR-FILL: Imbotex's Revolutionary Recycled Paddings

Powered by Purfi Technology

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Purfi & Imbotex together for a 360° approach to sustainability

Imbotex is proud to introduce its latest addition to its range of recycled products – PUR-FILL, powered by Purfi. These high-quality recycled polyester paddings are manufactured from one of the most underrated raw materials on earth: textile waste.

PUR-FILL is a recycled polyester padding made in collaboration with Purfi. Utilizing Purfi’s Technology, textile waste undergoes a rejuvenation process, transforming it into raw materials in response to the global waste challenge and contributing to the creation of valuable paddings.


How does this work?

Post-industrial and pre-consumer waste gets collected and sorted. Next, the fibers undergo a transformation beyond recycling – they are rejuvenated, restoring them to parameters similar to virgin materials. Purfi distinguishes itself by using a unique Soft-Mechanical-Recycling Technology. This technology applies a more delicate physical force than conventional mechanical recycling methods. Once rejuvenated, the fibers are redistributed to local manufacturers. Lastly, they are ready to be processed and become high-quality insulation.

The introduction of PUR-FILL marks the beginning of a new era, where cuting-edge technologies, innovation, and strategic investments converge to deliver a positive impact on the environment and an excellent product.

We firmly believe that rejuvenation is a more sustainable approach than producing textiles from virgin materials, thereby closing the loop for a circular, transparent, and sustainable world.