the HatMagazine. A Mention to our Upcycled and Recycled Paddings

The HatMagazine, November 2023 Issue

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The Mention

"Imbotex presented upcycled and recyclable paddings.

Their silk padding is made from recycled silk, blended with PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable, bio-based plastic made from sugarcane. The production process starts with turning leftover silk fabric into fibres. This is done completely mechanically, and no water or chemicals are involved.

For the wool-based padding, waste wool from sheep in Bavaria in Germany is used."

Inside the November 2023 edition of the Hat Magazine, the article dedicated to the international trade fair Première Vision contains a special mention to two of our recycled products.

Read the article here.

About the HatMagazine

The Hat Magazine is a quarterly journal reporting on news, events and international trade shows in the headwear industry while inviting designers to impart their knowledge, skills and expertise. The magazine has an independent voice and a commitment to the promotion of hats and is an essential read for anyone within the industry or with an interest in hats.

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