QuickDry Frame® becomes part of Imbotex product portfolio

2023.09 news-quickdry-frame.png

The Innovative Treatment for Extreme Perspiration Conditions

QUICKDRY FRAME® is a 100% Made in Italy technology with a precise functional net that controls and channels excess moisture created by our human body during perspiration. Through a hydrophilic process, odor control and antibacterial, QuickDry Frame® improves any textile’s comfort. Thanks to its characteristics, it is possible to apply a precise functional grid to both large and small surfaces, still maintaining its water-repellent properties and allowing for full customization of the product’s design and material.

The QuickDry Frame® treatment creates a pattern which is able to channel liquids, thus upgrading the superficial hydrophilic properties of the material on which it is applied, enhancing its rapid drying and making it perfect for both cold and warm situations.

QuickDry Frame® Benefits

  • Unchanged Waterproof
    The waterproof and water-repellent properties of the outer surface are preserved without any changes.
  • Controlled Hydrophily
    It promotes the regular transfer of moisture, generated by the body, through its circuit and outwards.
  • Advanced Breathability
    Highly breathable to provide maximum comfort in excess perspiration conditions
  • Fast Drying
    Dries quickly and ensures maximum comfort
  • Thermoregulation
    Minimizes heat loss during cold periods and reduces heat build-up during hot periods
  • Antistatic Properties
    Applied to synthetic material, it prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges
  • Odor-control Performance
    The specific formulation integrates Polygiene® OdorCrunchTM, a natural technology removing all kinds of odors
  • Comfort Booster
    It accelerates the loss of moisture produced by the body, feeling the athlete staying warm and dry in cold periods and fresh in hot situations
  • Full Customization
    Fully customisable in pattern, colour and hydrophily
  • Backside Facelift
    Applied to the backside of materials, it restores value and functionality to their inner side


A new technology, which Imbotex can apply on its textile and insulation paddings, able to channel excess body moisture and distribute it on a wider surface. It allows for a faster drying and offers great thermoregulation.

The treatment is best for particular perspiration conditions: the challenge in very cold weather isn't staying warm, it’s staying dry. You can pile on all the insulations you want, but if you begin to sweat inside as you move you expose yourself to the rapid cooling effect that moisture brings once you slow down.