Alpaca, the luxurious Natural fiber of the Andes

Alpaca belongs to the family of South American camelids. These animals live in the Andes where they are bred at quite high altitudes by the Campesinos in a completely natural way.

Alpacas are also gentle in their eating habits as they nibble the grasses and plant they usually eat without pulling or otherwise damaging the roots. Alpacas don’t bother trees and they leave a much smaller footprint on the environment compared to other herding animals, including sheep or goats.

Alpaca hair is known for its great insulation properties as well as its particular lightness, brightness, softness and for the silk-like feeling it gives to the touch. Alpaca contains few lanolin so it is hypoallergenic.

Alpaca is partly a hollow fiber so it is lighter than sheep’s wool and provides a greater insulating power compared to standard wools.


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