Antimony Free, a completely washable filling

Polyester is one of the world’s most commonly used synthetic fibers, in various fields, from bedding to furnishing to clothing, thanks to its various properties and to the easiness with which one can take care of it. However, unfortunately, polyester is traditionally made using antimony as a catalyst.

Antimony is a semi-metal often used in compounds with other metals and is considered toxic. One of the possible risks of sleeping or being in contact with conventional polyesters is that antimony could be removed from the fiber during sleeping or through the rubbing of the fiber in contact with the skin or through sweat.

Sleeping in a healthy environment is very important, so we’ve developed this certified padding without antimony that contains only fibers obtained trough an innovative and eco-friendly process. This fiber offers the same advantages as polyester fibers, without the negative side of antimony; it is a completely washable, durable and light padding that contributes at the same time to environmental health and to a conscious rest.

Furthermore, the use of this fiber minimizes the risks of allergies and irritations and has been fully tested and certifiec by the Eco-Institute in Cologne.



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