Trilogy, exclusive and revolutionary wadding system

Trilogy is a reversible air-conditioned padding, designed to obtain a breathable product for bed, with performance not only of relative comfort and freshness / warmth, but also of control and management of the microclimate of the mattress.

Trilogy is an exclusive and revolutionary padding system that combines the well-being of natural fibers with the comfort of technological fibers, where each layer plays an important role.

The outer layers, usually more in contact with the body, made of wool and cotton, or different natural fibers, have the main function of collecting the moisture dispersed from the body during rest and transferring it to the inner layer. In this way the outer layers maintain the right balance, without transmitting sensations of humidity.

The inner layer, on the other hand, is made up of latest generation technical fibers: a cellulose fiber, Lyocell, is added to a hollow, silicone-coated polyester fiber, with particular characteristics of bulkiness, resilience and lift. This fiber derived from the processing of wood pulp, being hydrophilic, absorbs the moisture transmitted by the upper layer and carries it outwards.


Moisture Management
Washable up to 40°C
Superior cushioning
Excellent shape-retention

Certification & Prizes