FLWRFILL, a Bio-based padding made using a combination of wildflowers

FLWRFILL is a Bio-based padding, made using a combination of wildflowers.

Wildflowers are grown without any pesticides or artificial irrigation, preventing pollution and saving water. They are combined with a fully compostable biopolymer and a patented cellulosic aerogel that bring out the thermal-warming properties, creating an innovative mix.

FLWRFILL mix can be blended with Lyocell, an innovative and natural fiber that comes from responsibly sourced wood, or Hemp. These blends give exceptional comfort without any additional treatments or use of water.

This padding is animal-friendly and environmentally friendly, as well as being animal cruelty-free, it is warm and light, and breathable.

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IMBOTEX  and PANGAIA, a materials science company bringing breakthrough textile innovations and patents, combine their skills to develop and produce a new and natural FLWRFILL™ padding.



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