Upcycled Plastic Waste

Made from one of the most underrated raw materials on Earth: plastic bottles – Certified by Ocean Bound Plastic.

The resulting product is a high-quality recycled polyester insulation mimicking the compressibility of goose down and its breathability, which allows moisture vapor to be transported through the fibers and away from the skin. It also offers superior water repellency, so you remain dry, warm and comfortable even under the most extreme conditions.


What is the Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) Certification?

The OBP Certification Program is designed to encourage the removal of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) from the environment by adding value in effectively collecting and treating it before it reaches the ocean.

OBP is an “Abandoned Plastic Waste” (microplastics, mezzo-plastics and macro-plastics), located within 50km from shores where waste management is inexistent or inefficient. When already located in a landfill or managed dump site, the plastic waste is not considered as OBP. However, when abandoned in an uncontrolled or informal dump site, this waste is considered as OBP.
Composed of professionals from sustainable development, waste management, and environmental certification backgrounds, Zero Plastic Oceans works for a clean and healthy ocean every day.


Quick Dry
Moisture Management
Water repellent

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