Climaeco, a soft, warm, comfortable, breathable and long-lasting insulation

The need to preserve our planet from continuous wastes overcrowding brought many companies to consider the importance of recycling materials. We know that resources are limited and waste materials are contaminating more and more the soil, the water and the air, causing the destruction of many ecosystems.

Also in textile world, many companies started to use recycled materials, both synthetic and natural, to realize their garments.

The innovative insulation Clima Eco 100 has been realized following this trend and is the result of a procedure which foresees the selection of post-consume recycled plastic bottles of European origin. These are collected and processed to obtain again a raw material useable in in many applications.

Clima Eco 100, containing the 100% of recycled polyester, is a soft, warm, comfortable, breathable and long-lasting insulation which is as good as fillings realized with virgin raw materials. Being a fully recycled material, Clima Eco 100 is an eco-friendly product which has obtained the GRS label, an holistic certification for products with recycled content. This certification is promoted at international level by the Textile Exchange Organization with the aim to promote the environmental responsibility and the sustainable development in textile industry.


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Chlorine-free washability treatment Environmentally Friendly

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