Millefiori, our heritage upcycled wool padding

The last few decades have been characterized by increasingly high consumption and equally impressive waste. In this scenario, the circular economy and recycling are very important. In the textile world, brands and retailers are able to use their own fabric scraps as a new raw material, thus giving new life to what would once have been considered useless material.
Following this important concept, that of the circular economy, in 1955 we created our heritage wool padding. This product comes from the recycling of pre-consumer rags, deriving mainly from primary textile processing.


The creating process

Millefiori is our heritage product created in 3 phases:

  • pre-consumer wastes are collected and sorted in Italy and in some European countries;
  • the recycled materials are transformed through a mechanical process into wool fibers, ready to be processed;
  • the fibers become a new high quality product such as yarn or insulation.


Upcycling: giving new life

With this wool we give life to a new and exceptional padding, soft and warm, breathable and thermo-regulating. Furthermore, the resulting product is eco-friendly and Made in Italy.

The raw material is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified, an important certification that guarantees transparency in the production chain and encourages the use of recycled materials.


Thermal Regulation

Certification & Prizes