Climacomfort: the natural thermoregulator

In climacomfort pure Lyocell staple, obtained from the pulp of wood and therefore of natural origin, there is a special phase change material capable of absorbing excess heat and transmitting it when necessary, creating an effective, natural and healthy thermoregulation

Cell Solution® compared to traditional phase change materials:

  • based on Lyocell flock and not on viscose or synthetic fibre
  • paraffin inserted directly on the spinning process, and not encapsulated
  • greater storage capacity, up to 60 Joules/grams of fibre
  • better performance, because there is no loss of capsules during processing

The product can be designed in a specific way by selecting the different types of product content.


Moisture Management
Thermal Regulation
Washable up to 40°C

Certification & Prizes