Hemp & Tencel, a natural padding

Hemp fiber is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, grown mainly in temperate climate areas of Central Asia, America and also in some European regions. The plant can reach a height of 5 meters and the fiber is derived from the fibrous component of the stem called “lime”. It is cultivated to be used in the field of paper production, building construction, fuel production and in the textile field. For thousands of years hemp has been cultivated in Middle East for the production of strings in the naval sector. In Italy too, hemp fiber boasts a long tradition both in the naval sector with the construction of sails and ropes for war fleets, and in the domestic sector for the production of tablecloths and bed accessories.

Hemp fibers are hollow and hygroscopic and this combination of features makes them a perfectly insulating and breathable fiber, perfect also to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Furthermore, hemp is one of the most resistant vegetable fibers, both to abrasion and tears and deformations. It’s a fiber that doesn’t conduct static electricity, it doesn’t irritate the skin, it has a wonderful capacity to absorb moisture and has natural properties of UV protection. Hemp is furthermore an eco-friendly fiber because it doesn’t need pesticides or chemicals and its cultivation improves the soil thanks to the nitrogen that the roots release.

To realize this padding, hemp fiber has been blended with Tencel, a completely natural product of organic origin, as the raw material with which it is made is wood, mainly eucalyptus one. The eucalyptus is an evergreen plant and the one used for the production of Tencel comes from forest plantations that practice environmental sustainability, thus offering an eco-friendly product.

Tencel is an exceptionally versatile fiber and its properties are many and are naturally present in it:

  • Moisture management
  • Naturally hygienic
  • Fine and soft to the touch
  • Free from static electricity


Chlorine-free washability treatment Environment Friendly
Moisture Management

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