Rare, soft, and insulating

Among sheep farmers, white wool is considered particularly valuable because it is easy to color. In order not to compromise its quality, black sheep are generally treated separately or excluded from shearing.

However, starting from the 10 th century AC, dark wool began to be appreciated for its natural color and its extreme softness. Furthermore, being very rare (sheep only have a 4% chance of being black) it was used above all for accessories or expensive clothing, therefore reserved for nobles and wealthy people.

Small to medium in size, black sheep are dark eyed and shy, with thick wool, slender legs and sturdy hooves, all black from head to toe, including the tongue.
Their black coat, called “Moretto", can take on lead gray shades.
The fillings made with Moretta Wool are soft, comfortable, resistant, light, and incredibly rare. Moreover, Moretta Wool has unique insulating properties.


Moisture Management
Chlorine-free washability treatment Environment Friendly
Animal friendly No mulesing
Washable up to 40°C

Certification & Prizes