Cashfeel, soft, warm and breathable padding

Soft, warm and breathable padding: CASH-FEEL preserves all the properties of virgin Cashmere.

Valuing and processing production waste as new raw materials is a growing trend, which increasingly involves both sportswear brands and classic fashion houses.

Following the principle of the circular economy, we have created a new padding that derives from the pre-consumer recycling of fine cashmere yarn scraps.These scraps, collected and selected in Italy, are mechanically transformed into very fine fiber ready to be processed again and transformed into a very warm and high quality padding.

Sometimes referred to as “post-industrial,” pre-consumer waste is created during the manufacturing process; in this case, it comes from yarns and/or fabrics production. We blend these waste with other materials like recycled polyester having the Global Recycled Standard Certification.

With this Recycled Cashmere we have created a new exceptional insulation, soft and warm, breathable and thermo-regulating, besides being also eco-friendly and Made in Italy.

This project is carried forward under the aegis of the Global Recycling Standard, a Certification promoted by Textile Exchange, an established non-profit institution, that for over 15 years has been supporting responsible and sustainable product development in the textile industry.


Thermal Regulation
Moisture Management
Thermal conductivity

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