Recashmere, a soft padding with a high thermal property

When your beloved cashmere sweater eventually becomes too old to be worn any longer, we can take it off your hands and make it part of our “life after love” programme.We take the garments no longer used to cut and recycle them for the creation of an extraordinary padding, which presents both the traceability and the transparency of the original materials, from collection to selection to processing, under fair conditions and in compliance with the strictest GRS standards.

Resources are limited, and our planet is becoming buried under wastes caused by our consumerist society. What better reason is there to consider recycled materials? ReCashmere is a new insulation that responds to increasingly frequent consumer requests for innovative and sustainable “Ecofriendly” products.

The scraps of the noble fibers of cashmere and knitted scraps are selected, sanitized and then passed in special cards to avoid damaging the fibers, maintaining their particular softness and quality.

The resulting product is totally ecological and made in Italy.

ReCashmere is a soft, light insulation with a high thermal property and good moisture management. In addition to having a good level of breathability, ReCashmere maintains its insulating properties also when wet, thanks to its hygroscopicity. Highly compressible, it has also good wind resistance, and provides high levels of warmth while being low in weight.

ReCashmere, a friend of the environment, has obtained the GRS Certification (Global Recycle Standard) promoted at an international level by the Textile Exchange organization. Their objective is that of encouraging the use of recycled materials, guaranteeing a higher transparency in the production chain and providing the final consumer with more detailed information.


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