Nativa Silk Pad & Graphene, recycled and high-performance padding

Recycled Silk Nativa & Graphene is designed to work together by creating a special and high-performance padding.


HoneyCombX is a superior patented Graphene fiber technology designed with carbon nanotubes. It is the new technologically-advanced insulation with unique thermal features, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the heat produced by the human body in cold weather and a heat dispersion effect in hot weather.


Nativa Silk Pad is the new “active warmth padding” that allows air exchange for breathability and comfort in more dynamic situations

This new 100% recycled padding has the amazing ability to keep us cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. Silk’s part is composed by pre-consumer yarn’s wastes – these come from the end of cones which are discarded during the production of noble pure silk fabrics. The cones are recovered and the part of pure silk is removed and then degummed.

The results of thermal tests have shown very high insulation values, setting the bar for new standards of breathability and thermoregulation in warm-to-weight ratio.

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Moisture Management
Thermal conductivity

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