Celliant Heat, the first responsive insulation

The human body constantly emits heat. During intense physical activity, body temperature rises and we begin to sweat. If our clothing doesn’t allow the moisture to escape, we will begin to get wet and uncomfortable and then cold. The ideal garment allows moisture vapour to escape while keeping you warm and dry.

Celliant Heat insulation is the new standard in innovation and performance, setting the bar for breathability, thermoregulation and warmth-to-weight ratio.

Celliant Heat is powered by 13 thermo-reactive minerals that convert body heat into IR energy.

Combined with Polypropylene, Celliant Heat insulation provides the lowest coefficient of heat transfer and the greatest insulating power available and is up to 30% lighter than other insulations.

Heat retention: not only will Celliant absorb heat, but it will also retain this heat for significantly longer than regular polyester. When a preheated mass is placed in an insulation system and transferred to a laboratory refrigerator, Celliant will retain heat longer.


Celliant recycles human energy, converting heat to infrared energy.

Extensive development by leading experts in medicine and science has resulted in a proprietary fiber that is loaded with a potent mix of thermoreactive minerals.
Powered by our own metabolism, it is more hybrid engine that textile. It recycles and converts radiant body heat in to something that gives the body a boost-infrared energy.

Celliant promotes circulation leading to faster recovery and healing.


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The heat that our body emits is absorbed by the minerals in the fiber.


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The minerals convert that heat into infrared light.


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The infrared light penetrates into the muscle and tissue to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow.



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