Infracycle, the new padding with infrared

Infracycle is the new insulation which was born to meet the needs to promote wellness through infrared fiber. Infrared energy is becoming more widely understood and consumers are asking for it in all different kinds of products. Infrared therapy is spreading all over the world like expensive sauna treatments, in dermatology offices or even in many wellness treatments.

Our InfraCycle padding uses an hearth friendly infrared that has been tested to prove its efficacy. This technology will enhance our customers' experience with noticeable results.

The benefits are innumerable and include the feeling of absolute comfort, improved circulation in the body and thermal increase throughout the garment.


The fiber is produced using methods that ensure lifelong durability and quality. Most ideal elements are selected to produce the intended functions; these natural elements are ground down and embedded directly into the fiber.

The thermoregulation of the body can be seen in the following images:



Thermal Regulation
Made from GRS Certified Post Consumer Recycled Bottles
Thermoregulation + Increased Circulation
Maximized Infrared Emission

Certification & Prizes