L2 Thermo, high thermal performance insulation

L2 THERMO is the new insulation that warms you up faster than any other fiber. Its masterbatch is enriched with various additives that work on surface and below surface. It is a fiber that can increase warmth up to additional 13.8°C within 10 minutes without needing sun energy because it works with human IR energy spectrum alone.

These additives interact with the source of energy, which in our case is the human body’s infrared rays. L2 THERMO can warm up rapidly and store the heat reached.

L2 Thermo insulation made with this fiber is very strong, it has a slow release of heat, keeping the body warm and manages very well moisture and odors. It protects also from UV rays and has an antibacterial function. This insulation is designed for active wear, winter jackets, warming jeans, casual garment or home- and underwear or for automotive interiors.

L2 Thermo can reach strong warmth also in thin layer thanks to its nano particles.


TEST: Halogen / IR lamp 500W at distance of 1m (FTTS-FA-010-2007)
NOTE: If distance is shorter than <1m, temperature rises rapidly over +60°Celsius, please note!


Thermal tests done with a 500W halogen lamp, have shown that the temperature increases by over +13°C just in 10 minutes, while normal polyester increases maximum of +2.9°C.

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With normal virgin polyester, the heat is not stored and the maximum increase in temperature that it can reach is 2.9°C and it’s necessary also having a thick layer of it.


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