Solostretch, stretchable insulation that revolutionizes the comfort of the garments

Solostretch is an innovative product, stretchable insulation with peculiarities of shape memory and elasticity that revolutionizes the comfort of the garments in more dynamic situations.

Solostretch is a special patented blend of fibers of the last generation, on which there are over 200 international patents; not only it is a special binding fiber, this high-tech material is always based on polyester fibers, which form an elastic-stereoscopic structure, which serves as a base, as a “matrix”, and another type of elastic fiber that binds to the “matrix” during heating process.

Plant-based ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers, so Solostretch is an eco-friendly product.

  • Comfort: extraordinary comfort, its long-lasting elasticity, greater morphological stability and the “zigzag” conformation of the structure of its main components give not only lowtension stretch, but also a very high coefficient of elastic recovery to the fiber.
  • Stretch: offers excellent stretch capability and completely recovers to its original shape time after time.
  • Breathable: given its macro-porous structure.
  • Ecocompatible: it can be recycled in various productive processes, with absolutely low or even no gas emissions compared to other synthetic insulations.


Comfortable stretch
Machine washable
Excellent shape-retention
Outstanding softness

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