Heatlock, light and eco-friendly insulation

Heatlock is a new thermal insulation which is very lightweight and eco-friendly, created to give an intense warmth to weightratio, keeping the body heat.

The minerals in the fiber found in the sun’s crust act as a sponge absorbing all the heat the body creates and holding onto it to keep you warmer, longer. The technology is embedded directly into the fibers and will never wash out.

This insulation was created by isolating the warmest and least termally conductive minerals; that means the heat moves slowly. Minerals are then incorporated in an eco-friendly carrier that make it easy to use it in any fabric or filling application.

Heatlock production ensure lifelong durability and quality, thanks to the selection of the most ideal natural elements, then ground down and embedded directly into the carrier yarns or fiber.


Made from GRS Certified Post Consumer Recycled Bottles
Thermoregulation + Increased Circulation
Maximized Infrared Emission

Certification & Prizes