Twins CRB, thermobonded double layer insulation

Exclusive sandwich construction, thermobonded double layer with multiple functionalities and performances. The inner layer, composed by very fine recycled polyester fibers and by engineered hollow-core fibers, is used next-to-skin; the outer layer contains a special fiber with a high concentration of conducting and heat-generating carbon particle in the core, and must be used towards the outside part.

Twins delivers a unique and creative performance of repeated heat generation, absorbing visible, ultraviolet and infrared rays.

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The blend of fine recycled polyester fibers and hollow-core fibers,provides comfort and warmth without weight, even when wet.


Black heat-generating particles are kneaded into the cores of CRB-CARBON fiber to absorb and convert a wide range of frequencies of sunlight including ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light into heat.

CRB-CARBON fiber offers excellent heat retention, even when used in insulations. While the visible rays of the sun are largely blocked by an outer shell layer (fabric or others), other types of rays – infrared ones – are able to penetrate inside.

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Thermal Regulation
Quick Dry
Moisture Management

Certification & Prizes