Camelhair, the soft and fine padding

The camel (Camelus Bactrianus) belongs to the family of Camelidi. This animal lives principally in South-Eastern and Central Asia,in the areas that include Mongolia, China and the Gobi Desert.

This type of animal that can reach 4 meters in height, offers one of the most interesting fibers for fillings and fabrics. The collection of this fiber is carried out by combing or hand-picking the fiber itself during the animal's annual moult, which takes place in late spring, during which most of the hair falls off the neck area.

The fiber of the Bactrian camel measures about 20 microns in diameter and has a length from 2,5  to 12,5 cm. The finest, softest and most luxurious fiber, called Baby Camelhair, is collected from the still cub camel, and measures 16/18 microns. Thanks to its finesses and quality, Camelhair filling is often considered an excellent substitute to Cashmere fiber, due also to the desert habitat in which the animals live, that submit them to frequent temperature changes, making their fur a great thermoregulator.

Its softness and finesse make it a wonderful product capable to absorb great amounts of heated air, transforming the fiber into a perfect padding also for bedding. Furthermore, being hygroscopic, it ensures moisture absorption keeping the body dry and thus promoting physical well-being.


Chlorine-free washability treatment Environment Friendly
Animal friendly No mulesing
Moisture Management
Washable up to 40°C

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