AQA Wool, thin and soft wool from lambs

First shearing Lambswool is pure Virgin Wool obtained from lambs under the age of six/eight months.

It is very thin and soft, it retains heat and absorbs more dampness than of adult specimens. Moreover, it is a much more crimped wool and contains more air pockets. Its fibers are thinner and, for the same weight, the product contains more filaments. This characteristic gives the fiber a great thermal power.

Merino Wool has long been regarded as one of the finest and softest wools with properties that lend themselves to aerobic activity and long stays in the outdoors:

  • body temperature regulation
  • warmth when wet
  • wicking or the ability to draw moisture away from the body
  •  anti-microbial properties that help keep garments odor free
  • even while wet, wool will generate increase in heat 

Washable: through a patented Chlorine-Free process, wool scales are treated with Oxygen without damaging the proteins of the fiber and respecting the environment at the same time.

The resulting fiber is soft, hygroscopic, odorless and permeable to vapor. Through this process the characteristics of the wool fiber remain unchanged even after several washes.



Moisture Management
Chlorine-free washability treatment Environment Friendly
Animal friendly No mulesing
Washable up to 40°C

Certification & Prizes